Short-Term Loans for people in Pietermaritzburg

If you are tearing your hair our trying to decide where it’s best to apply for a personal loan in Pietermaritzburg, then don’t!

Short term loans don’t need to be as confusing and stressful as they seem to be.

With assistance from the right financial aid company and a few minutes of your time, you can have your cash flow problems sorted out in no time. What’s the answer to your financial problems? Short term loans are the answer. Forget about tying yourself down to a long term loan contract. Get the financial help you need to get back on your feet, without having to worry about long term commitments. Short term loans are highly beneficial to those who require cash on a short term basis. These loans are usually for smaller amounts and intended as bridging cash or similar.

Below are a few benefits of opting for short term loans, as opposed to lengthy regular bank loans:

Quick access to money – short term loans by nature are quick and easy to achieve. There’s no lengthy application process, which means that if you need cash in a hurry, short term loans are the way to go.

No pressure on your credit history and monthly budget – there’s no need to carry out affordability assessments and credit history checks for short term loans. However, collateral will often be requested. Of course, while there are no credit checks or affordability assessments, it is never advised that you should take out a loan that you cannot afford to repay.

Short term commitment – one of the biggest advantages of short term loans is that you don’t need to sign yourself into a lengthy contract. Paying off a loan over many years is a huge commitment, especially as you can never be sure about how your financial situation will change over the years. Keep it short and simple with a short term loan.

Flexible loan repayments – with short term loans, you can often choose a repayment term that best suits your needs, budget and lifestyle. If you aren’t going to finish paying the loan on time, there is often the option to refinance it.


When looking for short term loans to apply for, in Pietermaritzburg there should be many institutions on the top of your list of options. They offer clients quick and easy access to cash and what’s more, there’s no lengthy application process involved. Simply apply online and complete a short process where you indicate what assets you have to put up as collateral. They accept vehicles such as cars, motor bikes, bakkies, trucks, vans, Jet Skis etc. There are professional assessors who will determine the overall value of your collateral and will be able to offer you up to 50% of that value. While they don’t have many terms, conditions and limitations in place, most of them do have a minimum loan amount of R5 000 in place and a maximum loan amount of R500 000.

In Pietermaritzburg, short term lenders have helped thousands of individuals to acquire the cash that they require to attain their goals. The process is easy and safe for all to use. Applying for any type of financing is a serious decision. You want to know that you’re making a wise financial decision for now and in the future. With these facts, you know the basic ins and outs of short term loans and can make the best lending decision for yourself and your family.